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Nets Repay Barclays for the Favor

Ben Couch - Nets Basketball
Ben Couch - Nets Basketball

This much is indisputable about the Nets' move to Brooklyn: If Barclays hadn't agreed to a $400 million naming rights deal in 2007, the arena now known as Barclays Center would never have been built. It was the critical commitment at the critical time for the Nets. Without it, the whole effort would have lacked credibility.

So dressed in suits and ties (Jordan Farmar and Johan Petro wore bow ties), Nets players and Avery Johnson spent part of their first day in London at a presentation to some 300 Barclays Capital executives and employees Wednesday. It was the first team event, other than a photo at the London Tower Bridge. 

With Deron Williams particularly attentive, according to one witness, Brett Yormark made a 25-minute presentation on the billion dollar arena and how the investment would benefit the British bank in its attempts to penetrate the US market.  After a Q and A session, players signed autographs and had their pictures taken with the Barclays employees.