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Wright: Victim of Warrior Weirdness?

Something we missed...Just after the trade last Wednesday night, Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury-News wrote about the "weirdness" and frustration that kept Brandan Wright on the bench in Golden State.  While conceding Wright's inconsistency and record of injury, Kawakami noted that Wright was caught between competing forces in the Warrior front office.

Kawakami writes that Wright was originally drafted to be part of a trade for Kevin Garnett. But when the trade fell through on Draft Night 2007, Don Nelson had no use for Wright and his development suffered.  After a shoulder injury sidelined him in 2009, he became an afterthought on return.  Kawakami says that's a shame, that Wright is a "good guy, a little shy, but he wants to be a good player, has some very unique talents," and needed a new start.