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D-Will and the Art of the Deal

Adrian Wojnarowski sat down with Billy King before he left for London, King still having a hard time believing he was able to wrest Deron Williams away from the Jazz...and at a price he could afford.

“I still have to look to see that it says ‘Deron Williams.’ King said as he peered at the Nets depth chart across from the desk.

Now, King has a sales job to do...and hope D-Will will do the same once he's convinced the Nets are where he wants to be.  It's going to be a delicate dance. One thing that the Nets have to understand, writes Woj. Williams is not Carmelo Anthony, he of the megawatt smile. Forget Brett Yormark's "activation" strategy.  For D-Will, it's not about celebrity of marketing.  It's about winning, period.