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Berger's Deadline Post-Mortem: Everybody Should Be Happy

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At  the end of the Nets game last night, there was a lot of concern that Deron Williams season may be done, that the Nets were thinking of shutting him down.  For his part, Williams wants to keep playing if he can.  "I don’t just want to sit out. It might be the best thing, but we’ll see how it goes," said Williams.

Meanwhile, in another locker room a few hundred miles to the west, Carmelo Anthony was no where to be seen.  Apparently unwilling to suffer the slings and arrows of Frank Isola, Marc Berman and Alan Hahn, 'Melo took the easy way out. He had scored a measly six points in a loss to the lowly and disorganized Pistons

Since the deadline deals, the Nuggets are 8-3; Nets are 5-5; the Knicks 7-7. Two teams' fans are ecstatic; the other's apoplectic.  Ken Berger, who did a lot of reporting on the 'Melo Drama, thinks that at the end of the day, everyone should be happy...for now.