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Credit Avery For Hump's Progress

Sebastian Pruiti, writing for Basketball Prospectus, does a detailed analysis of how Kris Humphries' offensive game has changed and improved under Avery Johnson.  Pruiti argues that in the past, Humphries was poorly used, that Hump's obvious strengths were ignored by his coaches. 

"Johnson has been brilliant when it comes to putting Humphries in positions to score the basketball," writes Pruiti. "He is really limiting the amount of time he holds the ball, instead getting Humphries going to the rim (both off of cuts and pick-and-rolls) where he can catch and finish without even taking a dribble. This makes Humphries much more effective because it prevents bigger defenders from crowding him and bothering his shots with their length."

Bottom line: "This season, Johnson has been able to put Humphries in much better position to score."