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James to Start vs. Bulls...But That's Beside The Point (Guard)

Newsy day at Nets practice. Damion James was cleared to play following his concussion last weekend in London. Quinton Ross was looking like he'll return soon as well; Larry Krsytkowiak wasn't commenting on a rumor he'll leave the Nets to return to head coaching at the University of Utah...and everyone was talking point guard.

Who's the best, Deron Williams of the Nets or Derrick Rose of the Bulls.  Most scouts are saying Rose has to be considered the best, but D-Will wouldn't go there. "People change their opinions every day, or every other week. Everybody said Chris Paul was the best. He’s been battling injuries this year so now nobody is talking about him anymore. So it’s just whatever the flavor of the day is," Williams said. "I don’t get caught up in that."

One thing not talked about: the chances Williams will resign with the Nets. Avery Johnson who said there's "no doubt" Williams will remain a Nets, said he's said all he's going to say. ""I will not comment on that the rest of the year. I’m on record saying what I’ve said, Deron’s on record and Billy’s on record. Right now, there’s nothing to even talk about," Johnson said. Easier said than done.