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D-Will: "Nets Doing Everything They Can To Get Me To Stay Here"

In an interview with Dan Patrick, Deron Williams wouldn't commit to signing with the Nets, noting that there's nothing to talk about till next year, but said he likes what he has seen from the organization that that he is "having fun".  It was Williams first interview with the national media since right after he was traded to the Nets.

"I don’t know.  I cant say anything til the CBA is decided," Williams replied, when Patrick asked if he was staying in New Jersey.  He added, "In reality, I have two more years on my contract. I can't opt out until after next year...Nothing saying I'm going to opt out."

That said, D-Will said, the Nets "are doing everything they can to get me stay here.  The organization is great, the coaching staff is great, the players are great.  Im having a lot of fun."  Asked if he would agree to stay if Beyonce' asked him, the father of four had a quick retort, "I got my Beyonce' already."