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Degree of Difficulty in Playoff Hunt

Fred Kerber doesn't want to be a party pooper, but he does want you to know just how difficult it will be for the Nets to make the playoffs. It will be very difficult... passing four teams to get to the #8 seed. And the Knicks didn't help matters by falling to the Pacers (again) Tuesday night in Indiana. The Pacers are six games up on the Nets.

Of the five teams, the Nets have the toughest schedule. They have no confirmed tiebreakers with any of the other four. Eight of the Nets' remaining opponents have winning records, eight have losing records and one, Houston, is .500. They have back-to-back games with the Magic and Hawks, two games with the Knicks, a game with the Heat, one vs. the 76ers in Philadelphia and two games against the Bulls, the first Thursday night.

Exciting yes...realistic no. Of course, they could just try to win them all.