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"No Doubt We'll Re-Sign Deron"

Michael Kay seemed surprised when Avery Johnson said that he had "no doubt" the Nets will be able to re-sign Deron Williams when that time comes, either this summer or next season.  But Johnson, given a chance to reconsider, wouldn't.  "No doubt we are going to re-sign Deron," he repeated.

In a 10 minute interview, Johnson admitted the team would have to "get awfully hot" to make the playoffs but noted as well he coached a team to a 16-2 record at the end of a season (with Dallas in 2005) so he knows it's possible.

Johnson was careful to praise players aside from Williams, talking about Brook Lopez's maturity, Kris Humphries' "double-doubles night after night", and Sasha Vujacic, describing the trade of Terrence Williams and Joe Smith for him and two first round picks "a great trade for us." As he has in the past, Johnson said he hopes Humphries (and Kim Kardashian) with join Williams and Lopez in Brooklyn.