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From NBA Journeyman to Coach - Popeye Follows a Well-Trod Path

The Nets have a fine supporting cast of assistant coaches...all seven of them. Two, Sam Mitchell and Larry Krystkowiak, have head coaching experience. Another, John Loyer, is known as one of the top assistant coaches in the NBA. Watch him on the bench, calling out the opponents' offensive sets.  

Then, there is Popeye Jones, who SLAM describes as the ultimate journeyman, a guy who built a career on toughness and rebounding skill. he's the guy, along with Krystkowiak, who works with the Nets bigs. Kris Humphries credits Jones with helping him become a top rebounder, a late-blooming Kevin Love with a better girlfriend.

Jones admits he is interested in a head coaching job in large part because of what he picked up in his career, first as a player, then as an assistant here and in Dallas.  "It’s my goal, the only reason I do this," he tells SLAM's Michael Romyn.