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Nets Say, "Hail Britannia!"

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

It's one thing for London's Daily Mirror to suggest the Nets' winning ways are due to their foray to England earlier this month.  It's another for Sekou Smith of's Hang Time Blog.  Yet both think there is something to what happened over there and to when it happened, right after the Deron Williams trade.  Bonding time.

"Something clicked for the Nets over there," writes Smith, "because they haven’t lost a game since that first win over the Raptors in London. They’ve rattled off five straight wins, including last night’s stunner over the Celtics in Newark."

Smith writes about how Avery Johnson was "gushing about his team’s London excursion and how important it was for them to get that unique time away from their normal surroundings," which most of the time you could dismiss as coach talk.  Not now.