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Numbers, Leadership Tell the Tale of Williams' Trade

Of the four teams involved in trade deadline machinations, the Nets are the second most successful, their 4-3 record behind the Nuggets' 7-2 but ahead of the Knicks' 6-5 and the Jazz's 3-7. Moreover the Nets have won four straight, two without Deron Williams...and if they sell out Monday, that's a good thing as well.

As Mike Mazzeo and Fred Kerber point out in pre-game blogs, there are other things besides won-lost records that show D-Will's impact on the Nets.

Mazzeo notes that before Williams' arrival, Nets were averaging 99.4 points per possession, 91.2 points per 48 minutes, assisting on 57.0 percent of their made field goals and shooting 43.8 percent as a team.

Since? The Nets are averaging 107.6 points per possession, scoring 103.4 points per 48 minutes, assisting on 67.5 percent of their made field goals and shooting 46.2 percent as a team.

Kerber's take is more about leadership. Williams notes he's talked to Brook Lopez about being more aggressive and it's paid off. Williams said. "Since I’ve been here, he’s been a beast. He’s hit big shot after big shot and carried us at times. He’s playing great basketball right now."