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"What Might Have Been" Hurting Nets As They Pursue "What Could Be"

They don't lie down anymore. In the past, they might come back but without a closer, they'd frustrate themselves and their fans with a mistake here, a mistake there, and a loss that could have been a win.  Fred Kerber catalogs the worst of it, seven losses in November that are now haunting the new Nets as they pursue the thin reed of the playoffs.

Here's his list: "At home against Orlando, they lost with 4.1 seconds left. Against Charlotte, they led by five with a little more than three minutes remaining. They trailed Cleveland by one inside of three minutes. At Denver, they were a Brook Lopez dunk away from tying with 14.9 seconds remaining. In Sacramento, they stunk but were within two with under 30 seconds left. At Utah, they had a legit chance. In Boston, they led throughout, folded."

Things are different now, for sure. But instead of scoreboard watching, they'll be taking it one game at a time. "I think if we focus on the individual task at hand every day, it may be possible at the end," said Jordan Farmar.