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In Post-Trade Spin, More Details Leak on Why D-Will Was Dealt To Jersey

Perhaps it's because the Jazz need to justify what they did in dealing Deron Williams, knowing that since the deadline, they have the worst record of the four teams that engaged in superstar trade talks late.

Since the big deals, they're 3-6, compared with the Nets' 4-3, the Knicks 6-4 and Nuggets 6-2.

Perhaps they're looking at that 2011 Nets lottery pick getting lower and lower.

Whatever, they've been spinning.  First, there was Kevin O'Connor's interview with Sam Amick, where he implied he had been lying in wait for the Nets and Knicks to finish wrangling over Carmelo Anthony, then pounced. 

Now, there's Ken Berger's story about how the Jazz were fed up with Williams, how his refusal to run plays for Jerry Sloan had led to his coach's resignation; how Williams had spoken about his desire to play with Amare Stoudemire and about how he had participated in an informal All-Star Weekend poll on how superteams might stack up.  Whatever. He's a Net.