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Nets Looking Forward to "Mid-Air Adventures" and D-Will's Return

As Al Iannazzone tweeted Friday morning, "B.Griffin vs. K.Humphries could be a midair adventure: 'I can’t go out and play soft or like the guy who’s trying to step on me'."  With Blake Griffin the reigning dunk champion and Kris Humphries averaging about one "emphatic" block a game, according to his coach, it could indeed be an adventure.

And Avery Johnson says don't expect any quick return for Deron Williams following the birth of his son, Desmond, on Wednesday afternoon.  He won't be back on the Nets' practice court until Sunday, and that's a good thing, says his coach. Johnson said Williams wouldn't have practiced because of his strained right wrist. He would have played.

"We’re hopeful when he comes back his wrist will be feeling much better," Johnson said, noting he won't have touched a ball in earnest for more than a week.