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Something Big Happening To Nets

The Nets were without their All-Star and three other players were hurt. They were facing the kind of team that usually gives them fits: athletic, hot shooting and high scoring.  And yet they won.  Part of it, everyone agrees, is a change in attitude since Deron Williams joined the team. And nowhere has that change been bigger than with team bigs.

Brook Lopez had his third double-double in five games (and fifth in 10 games) Wednesday and Avery Johnson noted that for the first time, he's seeing Lopez take ownership of his own situation and the team's.  "Brook actually said, ‘Coach I want to go back in the game.’ I was like, ‘Wow. That was pretty good. Are you telling me or are you asking me?’ Sometimes those things take time."

As for Kris Humphries, Johnson said the Nets are coming to expect at least one emphatic block a game. And if the Nets had a better record, he "would have been a guy that would garner a lot of votes for Most Improved Player this year." And both Humphries and the newest Nets big, Brandan Wright, had positive things to say about the Nets' coaching staff. Wright also said he wants to stay.

"Hopefully there's an opportunity for me to come back here," said the 23-year-old Wright: "I like this team, and I like the direction this is going. I like the coaching staff. We'll see how everything shapes up."