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Nets Hire Jay-Z Firm to Help Create "New Brand Value" for 2012 Move

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Yet another indication that Nets planning for their Brooklyn move is picking up...and that the Nets will retain their name once the move is complete.

Translation, an advertising  and branding firm co-founded by Jay-Z, has been hired to help "position" the team for the long-delayed move to the Barclays Center.

Advertising Age reports the branding will be aimed not just at new fans in the city's most populous borough, but also long-time fans in New Jersey and even critics of the arena...not an easy job. Expect Jay-Z to play a major role in all that.

"We have a brand, the arena, for housing great talent. And we have a brand, the Brooklyn Nets, and we need to make them a phenomenon in 2012," Translation president Steve Stoute said, using "Brooklyn Nets" without hesitation.