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Johnson Hoping for Team Energy; Expects Uzoh To Play More

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Avery Johnson is hopeful that with three days rest, the Nets will be ready for the Hornets Wednesday night.  There is a pattern, he contends.

"I think we should have tons of energy tonight," he said at the shootaround. "We’ve had games where we’ve played well after a day off. That Denver game we traveled back and had a day off and responded."

Johnson is also hopeful that Ben Uzoh, who's been one of his projects, responds to being back as the No. 3 point guard, with the return of Jordan Farmar as the No. 2. 

"He’s a really good defender," Johnson said of Uzoh. "His offense has come along. He knows where to score, how to score, where to get in the right spots now".  Meanwhile, with Farmar healthy and Uzoh proving he can play, Orien Greene's days appear to be number. His 10-day contract runs out Thursday. If he's cut, as expected, the Nets will be back at 14 players.