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Favors Drops Out of Rookie Top 10

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Avery Johnson is hinting that he is going to start running plays for Derrick Favors, that he has progressed to the point where he can be a bigger part of the Nets offense.

Not that it matters to the Nets coaching staff or Favors, but that could help boost his rooking rankings.  For the first time all season, neither David Thorpe of ESPN nor Drew Packham of has Favors in their top ten rookies.  Favors had long been off Packham's list, but as recently as last week, Thorpe had him at #6, but drops him, without comment, to #11.  Favors did have a bad week, shooting 5-for-19 and scoring only 11 points in three games.

Thorpe dropped Ben Uzoh from #33 to #38 despite his shooting 9-for-16 and scoring 21 points in limited minutes.