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Nets Deal Screws Up Warrior Future

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Sometimes, the Nets outsmart their opponent. Take Bobby Marks' out-maneuvering the Warriors between 2008 and 2009 and coming up with a first round pick for a player now toiling in Siberia.

As recounted in the San Jose Mercury-News, the Nets played off the Warriors' short term needs...twice. In the first trade, Marks sent Marcus Williams to Golden State for a lottery-protected first round pick in the 2011 draft. Then, a year later, the Warriors wanted to rejigger the deal, offering lower protections (and a second round pick) if the Nets would move the pick back a year. Nets did the deal. They now have the Warrior pick, protected 1-7, in 2012, a stronger draft class. They sent the 2011 Warrior pick to the Lakers to sweeten the deal that got the Nets LA's pick this June.

Problem for the Warriors: because the pick is protected through 2014, Golden State can't trade any of its first round picks through 2015 until the Nets get to use the pick. That makes returning the pick a lot more valuable to the Warriors than it normally would.