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Dave D: Nets Chances at 'Melo 4-1

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The Nets ownership and basketball staff continue to say "we're done" with Carmelo...even if the marketing staff recently used its newest social media tool to suggest, "anything is possible at this point". Almost no one in the media thinks they're out, believing Denver will call before February 24 (if not that afternoon!)

Dave D'Alessandro handicaps all the possibilities Wednesday, putting the Nets' chances at 4-1, but adding in a memorable line, "Once, it appeared to be a no-brainer, but Denver got greedy and stupid and then some guy flew in and lobbed a Prokhorov Cocktail into the proceedings. Resolutions happen, though." He puts the Knicks' chances at 3-1.

One thing is certain: the leaks will continue. They've been used by all sides to stir the pot going back to training camp and although each seems more outlandish than the one before, they'll keep a lot of the media--and fans--busy.