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Power Rankings: Losses Don't Move Nets Much

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"Muddling along" might be a good way to describe the Nets right now.  They never get bad enough to make you think all is lost, but never get good enough to give you hope.  For every win over the Jazz or Nuggets, there are two losses to the Pacers

Seems the power ranking pundits are of the same mind.  John Schuhmann notes the positives in keeping them at #25: "Anthony Morrow, shooting 16-for-27 from 3-point range over the last seven games, seems to have turned himself into Ray Allen. Devin Harris, averaging 12.2 assists over the last five, is acting like Rajon Rondo." But alas, the Nets are not the Celtics.

Marc Stein, who actually moved the Nets up to #26, also likes Harris: Have to point out -- after years of hassling Devin Harris about his QB-ing -- that he's posted games with 16, 18 and 13 dimes in his past five outings.