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Sasha Happy To Be With Nets, Happy To Be With Maria Sharapova

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As part of the "Discovery of America" series about Russians in the NBA, Sasha Vujacic tells SovSports' Pavel Lysenko that he's happy to be a Net and playing for Mikhail Prokhorov.  He may be Slovenian, but Vujacic is engaged to Russia's most famous sports star, Maris Sharapova...and admits a kinship with Russia.

"When my agent said that Mr. Prokhorov wanted to invite me to the New Jersey Nets, I rejoiced.  Because he has a purpose - to become NBA champion in the next five years. He knows how to do this," says Vujacic, indicating he's in it for the long run. "I learned from the best coaches and players in the world. Now the Nets are the same. I felt it was time to change the situation. This is a new challenge for me."

Vujacic added that the Nets play better with the owner at the Prudential Center. "When Prokhorov in a stadium, we always feel it. He came in three games and we wanted to win three victories."  He also talks about Sharapova and the Russian tradition of having a wife taking a husband's name...or vice versa.  Not necessary, says Vujacic.