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King: We Need One Superstar

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In an interview with a Russian sports site, Billy King said he agrees with Mikhail Prokhorov on the team's biggest need: "To quote Prokhorov, the Nets do not have a superstar, who would become the leader of the team and put us in the playoffs. I totally agree."  

But King didn't say the Nets need to trade for one. Instead, he said he was looking at the draft, citing how the Bulls and Thunder found their superstars, Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant, in the draft. But King also said the Nets need "one unconditional leader."

The Nets' GM also spoke about the likelihood that the Nets would continue to conduct training in Russia.

King noted while the Nets have international scouts, "our chief scout in Russia is Mikhail" but that if Prokhorov recommended a player like Viktor Khryapa, he as GM would have the final decision.