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Game 51 - Nets @ Pistons - Friday, February 4, 7:30

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The good news: the Nets have beaten the Pistons twice and looked good doing it both times.  The bad news: those games were at home, with Mikhail Prokhorov watching. This game is on the road where they have lost 11 straight, going back to before Christmas. 

The Nets need a road win desperately and other than Damion James and Jordan Farmar, they are healthy.  The Pistons on the other hand have been hurting lately and have lost four straight. Rodney Stuckey (right shoulder contusion) is questionable and Jason Maxiell (sore back) is out.  Richard Hamilton hasn't played in 12 games.

If the Nets need any added motivation, there's this clippable quotation from Ben Gordon. "A team like New Jersey is another team that’s an opponent we can definitely beat. We’ve just got to come in, take care of business and not take them lightly," Sounds like you already have, Ben.