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For Prokhorov, Winning NBA Title By 2015 "Matter of Honor", Says Writer

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New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Mikhail Prokhorov has joked that if the Nets don't win an NBA championship by 2015, he will make the ultimate sacrifice and get married.  His claim has been met with derision by many basketball pundits, but a Russian journalist who spent more than a week tracking him and the NBA thinks the Nets' owner is deadly serious.

Pavel Lysenko of SovSport had an exclusive interview with Prokhorov in his suite at the Four Seasons.  He wrote Wednesday of him impressions of the NBA and the Nets' owner.

"Some think that the New Jersey Nets are a cover for Prokhorov, that he needed just a huge piece of land in the heart of Brooklyn where he can expand his business," writes Lysenko. "But, knowing the excitement of the former owner of CSKA Moscow, his passion for the sport, there is no doubt: winning the NBA title in the next five years is a matter of honor."