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King Believes Nets' Chances of Re-Signing D-Will "Very High"

Billy King took fans questions Monday morning on a variety of topics, from free agency to the draft, but a lot of them had to do with his assessment of whether Deron Williams will be a Net beyond 2012. 

Using the Nets UStream account, King told fans the chances of Williams' re-signing are "very high."

Calling D-Will "excited" and "highly motivated," King said "the chances of Deron re-signing is very high.  We'll work together, along with the coach in building a franchise he'll be proud of.  We're pretty confident he'll be with us for a long time."

King said as well (and Williams confirmed at shootaround) that he will help the Nets recruit free agents this summer. The Nets GM said the team can be expected to focus on signing "bigs and wings" but added that the team might look to improve at the wings through the draft where "three or four year players" taken at the end of the first round or early in the second can turn into productive NBA players.  He also said Brandan Wright will be looked at closely.