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D-Will: Still Excited, Talks Brooklyn

On the afternoon of his Nets home debut, Deron Williams was upbeat about everything but his wrist...and that includes the Nets, Mikhail Prokhorov, the fans and the promise of Brooklyn.

"There’s a lot of stuff that appeals to me as far as my future here. When your owner says he’s going to spend the money and put people around you that’s definitely appealing," said Williams who was not pleased with recent Jazz moves.

As for fan support, legendary in Salt Lake, he'll do what he can. "Hopefully we can start winning some games and that the owner has a lot of power to get some people here. That will definitely draw some crowds. I’m sure the move to Brooklyn will." 

Williams will have to committ to an extension to his current contract if he wants to play at Barclays Center. As for his wrist, he admitted, "I’m not playing my best basketball because of this wrist situation."  We'll take 14.5 assists per game.