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Power Rankings: The D-Will Effect

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The Nets have lost five straight, including two games with Deron Williams at the point.  Not a problem.  Marc Stein moves the Nets up four places to #23, while John Schuhmann keeps them at #25. 

Stein remarks, "They know there's a long way to go before D-Will warms to the idea of Brooklyn. Yet as risky as the deal was, given the assets surrendered for a guy who can leave in 16 months, they couldn't say no."

Not that the Nets will see the real D-Will this season, writes Schuhmann. "He dished out 29 assists, but bothered by a strained tendon in his right wrist, Williams shot just 8-for-25, including 0-for-7 from 3-point range in his first two games with New Jersey."

Stats guys John Hollinger and Jeff Sagarin don't the future influence their decisions.  Hollinger has them at #26, Sagarin at #23. Meanwhile, David Aldridge joins Hollinger in saying it's too early to tell if the Nets are winners or losers at the deadline. Wait 17 months. Oh Okay.