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Jazz Grew Tired of Williams' Act

In wrapping up the Deron Williams trade, Brian T. Smith of the Salt Lake Tribune writes that the Jazz became frustrated with their star's complaints about their inability to surround him with other quality players, as well as his lack of loyalty when it came to committing long-term to Utah.

"Management was questioning whether Williams was the best long-term choice for everything from team leadership to a delicate chemistry that was strong when training camp started but had begun to fracture as the All-Star break approached," Smith writes.

So Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor took action, dealing Williams to the Nets in the wake of the Carmelo Anthony saga.

Not everyone agrees. Another writer, Brad Rock of the Deseret News, says "it's all about the return" on investment now with the Jazz. Comparing current owner Greg Miller with his father, Larry, who died two years ago, Rock writes, "Larry usually went with his heart. With Greg, you wonder if he has one."