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Game 60 - Nets vs. Suns - Monday, February 28, 7:00

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There's a giant poster of him draped over the side of the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, visible to tens of thousands of commuters. He's been fitted for a home white jersey and additional press credentials have been issued. It's the most anticipated mid-season arrival since Vince Carter in December 2004. Deron Williams will be playing his first Nets home game Monday.

He's already set an NBA record since joining the Nets: In his first two games, he's recorded more assists than any player in NBA history in his first two games with a new team: 29

Speaking of Vince Carter, he'll be with the opposition as will another pretty good point guard, Steve Nash. The Suns, like the Nets, were active at the break, dealing Goran Dragic for Aaron Brooks. The Suns are still in the playoff mix, 2 1/2 games behind eighth place Memphis, but even with the Grizzlies in the loss column. They've won three straight and seven of their last 10, including a buzzer beater Sunday in Indiana. Channing Frye hit the jumper but it was a big night for Grant Hill, who scored a season high 34.

Nash of course is still the leader averaging 16.6 points and 11.3 assists, shooting his customary 52% from the field and 40% from deep. Carter is putting up 14 and 4, but only two assists per contest. The fate of Jordan Farmar and Anthony Morrow, both hurt vs. the Rockets, hasn't been announced but Farmar is almost certainly out. And of course, the game will be one of two annual battles between the Lopez twins, last seen doing a Disney gig.