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Another Way Deron Replaces Devin

Devin Harris was always the Nets' good guy, giving generously to community groups through his 34 Ways to Assist Foundation.  With Harris headed west, Deron Williams will succeed him not just on the court but in charitable giving.

Williams' Point of Hope Foundation has been active for the past four years. He and his wife, Amy, have encouraged a number of programs close to them using the foundation's giving. 

Among those that they've helped are the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation ($50,000); the Valley Mental Health Foundation of Salt Lake City ($30,000) and the University of Illinois ($300,000), Williams' alma mater.  Williams' work was honored in December by the NBA, which awarded him the NBA Cares Community Assist for November. Another new Net, Dan Gadzuric, also has a foundation he and his wife, Lisette, run.