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Jefferson: Deron Williams Changes Everything for Nets

The Nets have been marketing this season as "all new", noting how they've changed owners, coaches, players, arenas and will move to a "billion dollar arena" in 2012. In with the new, out with the old is the mantra.

Richard Jefferson, who knows something about franchise-changing point guards, says none of that compares to trading for Deron Williams.

"It’s huge. Huge," R.J. said. "To get Deron Williams in the prime of his career is huge. Forget Brooklyn. Forget all the other things that are there. Having a player like that where people want to come play with is huge. I wish them the best.  This is the first step in the right direction that they’ve made in a while."

But one writer who covered Avery Johnson in Dallas says the Nets coach has to be careful about maintaining the right level of intensity having gotten a reputation with the Mavericks as a dictator, not a general. Meanwhile, in Utah, there is relief that the Jazz traded Williams and avoided a Melo Drama end to a franchise player's tenure.