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London Getting Ready for Nets

The Nets still have two games "stateside" before they head to London for games vs. the Raptors at the end of next week but the British capital is getting ready. On Friday, the mayor, Boris Johnson, inaugurated the first ever "UK-NBA Basketball Week" at City Hall and talked about his hopes for the London Games.

The games will be played at the 02 Arena, the basketball venue for the 2012 Olympics. Expect two Nets point guards to get questions about the Olympics. Deron Williams won a gold in Beijing and Ben Uzoh, the child of Nigerian immigrants, reportedly has an open invitation to join Team Nigeria.

It won't be a vacation. In addition to the two "home" games, there will be NBA Cares basketball clinics, a coaching clinic, a Sprite 3-on-3 tournament, Foot Locker Three-Point contest and appearances from NBA legends the New Jersey Nets Dancers, Sly the Nets team mascot, the Nets Dunkin Divas and Team Hype. Kim Kardashian and Jay-Z are expected as well. One thing missing: there will be no rematch between Devin Harris and Stuart Tanner.