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Game 59 - Nets @ Rockets - Saturday, February 26, 8:30

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The Nets make the short trip from San Antonio to Houston Saturday to face a team that went through a trade deadline remake bigger than the Nets.  Out went Shane Battier and Aaron Brooks; in came Hasheem Thabeet, Goran Dragic and DeMarre Carroll.  Draft picks moved too, but in terms of talent, Houston took a hit.

Still, the Rockets are only three games under .500 and four games out of a playoff spot, the Nets 14 under and nine and a half out.

Houston of course has two former Nets, Courtney Lee and Terrence Williams, on the roster. They competed against each other in New Jersey and now finally, Williams will join Lee in the rotation after being stuck at the end of the bench, tallying 25 DNP-CD's since mid-December.