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How Good Can Brandan Wright Be? Will the Nets Buy Out Gadzuric?

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Brandan Wright was inactive Friday night as Avery Johnson decided to go with Dan Gadzuric, also acquired in the Troy Murphy trade, instead. It appears that the two will split time in the Nets' remaining 25 games, but Wright is 10 years younger than Gadzuric and Billy King said he'd like to see how the 6'10" big man can fit in the Nets'  system.

Wright is indeed intriguing.  So taken with his talents coming out of North Carolina in 2007 the Warriors traded Jason Richardson for him. But quickly, he suffered his first injury, a hip flexor, that kept him out of summer league.  There have been other injuries as well, one to his shoulder caused him to miss all of last season.There have also been questions about his desire.

Mark Ginocchio takes a look at Wright's potential to take Derrick Favors minutes. He's only 23, younger than any Net other than Brook Lopez, Ben Uzoh and (by two days) Damion James.  Ginocchio notes that while a number of pundits don't have much faith in him, John Hollinger does.

Meanwhile, the Boston Herald reports that the Celtics are interested in Gadzuric, putting him on a list of players who might get bought out before March 1. Nets deny it.