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Prokhorov Lands In San Antonio


Mikhail Prokhorov sure does love the dramatic. 

After a full day of air travel, Prokhorov arrived in San Antonio an hour before Friday's game vs. the Spurs and Deron Williams' first game as a Net.  Williams had said he looked forward to meeting the Big Russian in London next weekend, but now he won't have to wait.

Prokhorov was described by an associate as "in a great frame of mind, very excited to be at Deron's first game as a member of the Nets".

It will be Prokhorov's first away game since he bought the team back in May. The team is 5-2 with him in the building. He has been in Vancouver all week on a heli-skiing vacation. On Friday morning, his pilots filed a flight plan for the half hour trip to Kamloops in the Canadian Rockies, then a second for the three and a half hour flight from Kamloops to San Antonio. The Nets play in Houston Saturday.

It's expected there'll be four new starters on the floor Friday: Williams in place of the traded Devin Harris; Sasha Vujacic in place of Anthony Morrow; Kris Humphries in place of the traded Derrick Favors; and Damion James in place of Travis Outlaw. The Nets waived physicals for Brandan Wright and Dan Gadzuric Friday morning. Wright will wear Harris' old number, 34; Gadzuric 50.