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Prokhorov: "Surprise!"

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In an email to season ticket-holders, Mikhail Prokhorov (fresh from skiing in Canada) said the acquisition of Deron Williams is a big step on the road to an NBA Championship and a surprise to fans "who thought hope was gone."

"With the addition of Deron Williams to the NETS, we are well on our way to building a championship team ahead of our move to Brooklyn. For those who thought hope was gone, surprise! Billy King deserves a lot of credit for pulling off a terrific trade. This should be a great time to be a NETS fan and, rest assured, we are doing everything possible to give our season ticket holders a team they can be proud of."

Prokhorov is not the only one impressed by King's performance. Columnists who know something about basketball, including Dave D'Alessandro and Peter Vecsey, put aside the conventional wisdom about Williams' future and argue King's move could be trans-formative.