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Winners, Losers and Incompletes

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The pundits are out with their grades and with the exception of some inside ESPN's headquarters, they like what the Nets did, in some cases, they really like what they did. 

John Hollinger and Steven A. Smith go for cop-outs, suggesting that what Deron Williams does 15 months from now will determine the Nets grade. 

Hollinger gives the Nets an "Incomplete" for the Williams trade and a "B+" for the Brandan Wright - Dan Gadzuric deal, primarily because of Wright's potential, saying "can take over Derrick Favors' minutes at power forward." Ric Bucher on an ESPN TV round table doesn't mince words. He suggests that the Nets blew away the Knicks

So says Patrick Crawley of SLAM..."Headlines, schmeadlines. Let the Knicks wind the hype machine till they’re sore in the arms. In Deron Williams, the Nets got the best player at the deadline"

Similarly, Sean Deveney of Sporting News, thinks the Williams' trade was the best deal at the deadline. "The Nets not only improved their immediate future, but they continued pushing against the Knicks’ dominance of the New York area while establishing a pretty good rivalry with their cross-river foes."

CBS Sports agrees, saying, "No other team in the entire league changed its fortunes like the New Jersey Nets, who acquired the single best player who moved during this year's trading season: point guard Deron Williams."