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Game 58 - Nets @ Spurs - Friday, February 25, 8:30

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A game you say? They still play games? It's not all about Twitter feeds and the ESPN Trade Machine? You're sure about that? Okay. The revamped Nets, with a new point guard and two new starters, get quite the test Friday when they play the Spurs in San Antonio, beginning the Deron Williams Era of Nets Basketball.

The big news, of course, is Williams, who will wear #8 and be trying for that position in the playoffs no matter how remote the possibility.  The Nets would have to play .800 basketball the rest of the way, but he said it, he wants to make a "playoff push".

Beyond writing in Williams at point, Avery Johnson will have Kris Humphries back in his starting role at PF and may push rookie Damion James into the starting lineup at SF. The man he replaces, Travis Outlaw, may see some time at the four as well.  It's expected that Brandan Wright and Dan Gadzuric will join the team in Texas, with Gadzuric likely to get more minutes off the bench. And for one Net, Ben Uzoh, it's about returning home. As for the Spurs, they were quiet on the trade front. And why not? They'll be going for their 20th straight home win.