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It's hard to imagine a more roller coaster 24 hours in the history of the franchise, at least off the court.  From Tuesday, when the Nets finally learned they had failed in their quest to get Carmelo Anthony, to Wednesday, when they picked up a better player at half the price (think about that!), the front office, the team and its fans went on a ride that featured ups, downs, spins and twists.  And in the end, when the ride came to a screeching halt, it seemed everyone was happy if exhausted.

Probably no one was happier than Billy King who was able to call his boss and tell him that his instincts were indeed right about not pursuing Carmelo that hard...when there was a bigger prize to be had in Deron Williams.  King described Mikhail Prokhorov as "excited and ecstatic" when he called him in British Columbia where he is heli-skiing (of course he is.)

Next up is Thursday's press conference, 3 p.m. at the PNY Center, to be carried live on YES.