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Murphy Deal Official: Nets Get Wright, Gadzuric; Give Up Pick

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The Nets have announced their second trade of the day.  As predicted, Troy Murphy is headed to Golden State along with the Nets second round pick in 2012. In return two power forwards, 23-year-old Brandan Wright and 33-year-old Dan Gadzuric, are headed to New Jersey.  All three players are in the final year of their contracts.

Wright is viewed as the key player for the Nets.  The athletic 6'10" North Carolina product was a lottery pick in 2007, but has been hurt by injuries, including one to his right shoulder that kept him out all of last season.  This year, Wright has played only 21 games this season averaging four points and two rebounds in nine minutes.  Gadzuric is averaging 2.8 points and three rebounds in 11 minutes.

John Hollinger described the two this way: "Gadzuric is salary flotsam, but Wright can really play and has been buried in the Warriors' frontcourt rotation. His finishing skills could make him a very capable pick-and-roll partner with (Deron) Williams." Billy King seemed to indicate the Nets believe Wright has a future with the team: "Brandan is a young player who we feel has significant room to grow and develop in our system."  Wright will be a restricted free agent come July 1.

Wright told the Contra Costa Times he's looking forward to the opportunity. "I'm a basketball player," he said. "I just want a chance to play basketball."  With the conclusion of the two trades, the Nets have 14 players, but only one, Brook Lopez, was with the team in training camp last season.