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Williams Trade 101

Out of the blue. That's the only way to describe what happened Wednesday morning when Nets fans were interrupted at work, in class, to hear  that Deron Williams, one of the top 10 players in the NBA, was being traded to New Jersey...and all this, one day after the object of their season-long desire had gone to the cross river rival.

Like the trades that brought Jason Kidd and Vince Carter to the Nets in 2001 and 2004, the deal has the potential to change the franchise.  Like those trades, it was a shock and for fans in need of a boost, a welcome one.

Here's the details of Wednesday's two trades:

The Nets receive:

--Deron Williams, 6'3", a 26-year-old point guard who is one of the top three players at his position and a top 10 player in the NBA.  In his sixth year, Williams has this year and next year plus a player option on his contract.  He is earning $14,940,153 this year and $16,359,805 next year. His player option is worth $17,779,458. Williams can sign an extension starting July 18...unless there is a lockout.  A two-time NBA All-Star including this week, Williams has also been named twice to the All-NBA team and was a member of the gold medal-winning Team USA in Beijing. He is averaging a career high 21.3 points and 9.7 assists

--Brandan Wright, 6'10", a 23-year-old power forward who after being picked at #8 in the 2007 pick has been injury-prone. He is on the last year of his rookie contract making $3,398,072.  In three and a half years, he has played only 98 games. This season, he has been buried in the Warrior big man rotation after missing the entire 2009-10 season following shoulder surgery. While athletic and a good guy, questions have been raised about his desire. He is averaging 4.0 points and 2.0 rebounds in a little more than nine minutes.

--Dan Gadzuric, 6'11", a 33-year-old center/power forward who has been a journeyman most of his career. He is in the final year of a five-year MLE contract that is paying him $6,883,800.  Energetic, a team player and a good defender, the former UCLA player is offensively limited. A citizen of the Netherlands, Gadzuric will be one of three Europeans who will take the floor next week in London as Nets in the first regular season NBA game played on the continent, the other two being Sasha Vujacic (Slovenia), Johan Petro (France).

--a $1.826 million trade exception which can be used until next season's trade deadline.

The Jazz receive:

--Devin Harris, 6'3", a 28-year-old point guard who was once the Nets point guard of the future. With a contract that extends out to 2013-14, the Jazz commit to pay him $22.3 million. The Nets' co-captain and only All-Star, Harris had a breakout year in 2008-09 with Vince Carter at his side. Had 13 games of more than 30 points, including three of more than 40. But nagging injuries and the lack of another scorer limited his output in 2009-10 and 2010-11.  Still valued because of his blinding speed but lost the confidence of Avery Johnson.

--Derrick Favors, 6'10", a 19-year-old power forward. With a rookie contract that extends to 2014-15, the Jazz could be commited to pay him $25.2 million. The jewel in the deal for the Jazz, the league's youngest player has been compared to a young Kevin Garnett or Dwight Howard.  While showing great potential, he has also had difficulties objecting to the speed of the game and the Nets were not fully sold on him.  Been seen as a trade chip since he was drafted.  Shared high school player of the year honors in 2009 with John Wall.

--the Nets' first round pick in 2011.

--the Warriors first round pick, protected 1-7, in 2012, acquired in the July 2008 Marcus Williams trade. (If pick is not exercised in 2012, it is protected 1-7 again in 2013, then 1-6 in 2014. If the pick still hasn't been exercised, it converts to second round picks in 2014 and 2016)

The Warriors receive:

--Troy Murphy, 6'11", a 30-year-old power forward. An expiring contract, the Warriors will buy him out of his $11.968  million contract. A major disappointment for whatever reason...take your choice.  Expected to share PF space with Favors, but Kris Humphries took advantage of a string of injuries Murphy suffered and moved into the starting lineup.  Murphy played little and sparred verbally with Avery Johnson on his level of readiness. Thought be bound for Orlando, Miami or San Antonio after being bought out.  Has played 639 games without a playoff appearance, the current record among active NBA players.

--the Nets' second round pick in 2012.

--$1.687 million trade exception which can be used until next season's trade deadline.