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Brooklyn Now a Battleground With Carmelo Anthony in Manhattan

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Brooklyn Sport & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sport & Entertainment

The Nets not only lost out on a superstar when they failed to acquire Carmelo Anthony in a trade. They may have handed their archrival Knicks a golden opportunity to undercut their effort to become Brooklyn's team.  The Nets wanted 'Melo, who grew up in Brooklyn's Red Hook, to open Barclays Center in 2012. Now, expect the Knicks to use him as their bridge to Brooklyn, as the Daily News writes.

Anthony, who calls himself "Born in Brooklyn, Manufactured in Baltimore" grew up in the borough and Baltimore and as Kevin Armstrong reports, returns to the Red Hook Homes often.  With him in a Knicks uniform the next four years, he'll likely be the face of the Manhattan franchise in Brooklyn. The Nets had no comment.