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Oden Sticking Point in Harris Talks?

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Al Iannazzone reports that as the Nets try to find a home for Devin Harris and get a decent return, a player once compared to Bill Russell but now considered a monumental bust could be the sticking point. Iannazzone writes that unless the Trailblazers include Greg Oden in a deal that would send Harris and Troy Murphy to Portland, there's probably no deal.

At that point, the Nets would likely turn to Dallas where Harris began his career and which would yield the Nets at least the 30 year old Caron Butler, out for the season with a right knee injury.  Iannazzone and Fred Kerber report the Nets also want Dominique Jones, the 6'5" rookie shooting guard, and a first round pick. Jones, out with a broken foot, may not return this season.

But Marc Stein writes the Mavs are resisting and want to hand Butler to the Nets in a straight-up one-for-one. If Portland and the Nets can't agree, Murphy would go to Golden State in a deal that would yield Dan Gadzuric and Brandan Wright, another injury prone bust from the 2007 draft. Neither played in last night's loss to the Celtics

The Trailblazers brass are reportedly split on giving up Oden, who will be a restricted free agent. He is again out for the season after undergoing microfracture knee surgery. "The Nets probably won’t do it if Oden isn’t included," writes Iannazzone.  The problem is, as Kerber writes, if they dump the Portland deal, they'll also lose out on getting a point guard in return since Andre Miller would be coming east in that deal. That would leave Jordan Farmar and Ben Uzoh as the Nets' points.