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Harris Likely Moving West in One of Two Lop-Sided Deals, Say Reports

With less than two days left before the trade deadline (3 p.m. ET, Thursday), the Nets have yet to make a deal ...although they have been mentioned repeatedly in rumors.  The latest, from Fred Kerber, Al Iannazzone and Adrian Wojnarowski, is that Portland and Dallas are interested in Devin Harris' services but won't give up much in return.

The parameters of the Trailblazer deal are well known: Harris and Troy Murphy for Andre Miller, Joel Pryzbilla and someone or something else, but it's unlikely to be Greg Oden.  Iannazzone reports the Dallas offer is centered on the expiring contract of the injured Caron Butler, whose salary is mostly being paid by insurance. It would also return the injured Dominique Jones and a first round pick, reports Ken Berger. Quinton Ross would also go to Dallas. However, Marc Stein reports that Dallas has rejected the Nets' request for Jones and a pick and is limiting its offer to Harris for Butler, straight up.

Woj reports, "Privately, Harris is hoping for a trade back to Dallas where he started his career, two sources familiar with his thinking told Yahoo! Sports. The Mavericks also have serious interest in a reunion with Harris". Later Tuesday, Woj tweeted, "Golden State and New Jersey near agreement to trade Dan Gadzuric and Brandan Wright for Troy Murphy and 2012 second rounder."  The Nets hold two second rounders in 2012, their own and the Heat's.  He also suggested this could be folded into a larger deal involving Harris.