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Moving On To Brooklyn and 2012

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In his analysis of the implications for Carmelo Anthony and the three teams affected by his decision, David Aldridge says the Nets "will now move on, a league source said, to the free agent class of 2012, which will include All-Stars Dwight Howard and Deron Williams. Owner Mikhail Prokhorov is determined to add at least two superstar players before his team moves into its new arena in Brooklyn that year."

As for now, he says the Nets will move Devin Harris and forward Troy Murphy. While most attention has been focused on Murphy going to Portland or Golden State, Aldridge says there are "potential deals with Cleveland and New Orleans, and possibly Denver still possible". As for Harris going to Portland for Andre Miller Aldridge says that deal "may be on the back burner while New Jersey explores other possible deals".

Aldridge adds that the Nuggets had problems with the protections on some of the picks they would have gotten from the Nets. Three of the four picks have protections: the Lakers 1-18 in 2011; the Warriors 1-7 and the Rockets, 1-14, in 2012.