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When Will It End? (Please Make It Stop!)

Well, it has to end by 3 p.m. ET Thursday, the trade deadline, but there are conflicting reports Monday on when the Nets and Knicks will hear who wins the 'Melo Sweepstakes, thus ending the 'Melo Drama, also known as 'Melopalooza.

The Post reports in an update of an earlier story that Carmelo Anthony is "expected to inform the Nets by today at the latest whether or not he will accept a trade to New Jersey and sign an extension to play there" but Chris Broussard tweets, "Sources say Melo has not given NJ a date or time for when he’ll inform them of his decision."

'Melo and his wife, LaLa Vasquez, are scheduled to appear Conan Monday, but he said after the All-Star Game he still expects to be a Nugget on Tuesday.