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Prokhorov Flies to Canada for Ski Trip as Nets and Knicks Remain Confident They'll Get Carmelo

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Mikhail Prokhorov flies to Vancouver, BC, Monday morning for a short heli-skiing vacation (a helicopter flies you to the top of a mountain and you ski down the virgin snows). Where he goes from there is unknown but if it's a press conference to welcome Carmelo Anthony, don't be surprised.

The Nets remain confident that they are still in the game, with Fred Kerber reporting "several league sources insisted the Nets are still in the running to land Denver’s star forward. One source claimed an 'air of optimism' remained around the Nets". One reason: the Knicks and Nuggets seemed to have reached an impasse over Denver's insistence that Timofey Mozgov be included in the deal.

The issue may not be Mozgov himself, but the Knicks' reluctance to include four of their top six players in the deal. And not everyone believes it's that big a problem. Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post suggests he is in the final mix...and a deal is nearly done.

'Melo himself told reporters after the All-Star Game that Denver has long known where he will and won't sign that extension. As Chris Mannix tweeted early Monday, "If we are to take Melo at his word that the Nuggets know where he will and won't sign, then the Nuggets must think he will sign w/Jersey...No way the Nuggets would string Nets along like this if they were told he wouldn't sign there."

Meanwhile, one of the Nets included in trade proposals went on the record.  Ben Uzoh told his hometown television station that he prefers to stay in New Jersey but understands it's a business.