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Russian Roadblock? Will Nuggets Say "No Deal" Without Mozgov?

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The Knicks' pursuit of Carmelo Anthony is being complicated by their refusal to include Timofey Mozgov in the final deal.  Alan Hahn tweets Sunday night that a Knicks source tells him that "Denver has told Knicks tonight that Timofey Mozgov must be included in multi-player deal for Carmelo" and "if not, if Knicks decline to include Mozgov in the package, Anthony will be traded to the Nets."

Another Knick beat writer, Frank Isola adds, "the Knicks reluctant to include Mozgov in a deal". As for word that a Knick deal is getting close, Chris Mannix tweets, "Sources say Minnesota, which will deal a No. 1 pick and absorb Curry, hasn't been told by NYK that any deal with DEN is close to being done."

Meanwhile, Adrian Wojnarowski tweets, "A front office executive with knowledge of 'Melo talks between Denver-New York says: "Knicks won't lose this deal over a reserve big man." Similarly, Chris Broussard writes, "Sources say Den has not given NYK ultimatum that if Mozgov's not in deal, they'll trade him to NJ."